Vivid Cycling Club Hub


Team Gatherings
VIP Nights @ Art’s, Social Events & More

As a team we get together often. We have partnered with some amazing brands both locally as well others that wish they were local. :) We’re lucky to have Art’s Cyclery operate as our “home base” on the Central Coast. 

Consistent Training Rides
Weekly training and Monthly “racing”

Riding bikes with people that you can learn from in a “check your ego at the door” vibe is the best thing that’s happened to your time in the saddle. We have fun with our “races” & randomly selection of winners for participating. 

EPIC Rides
Training camps, Multi-day rides, SAG rides

Being surrounded by people who support you by suffering with you to accomplish your goals is what we’re all about. Use the VCC as a platform for you to accomplish some of your “wildest” rides - we’re confident you’re not alone.


Soak life in

Life’s too short to let a day drift by without enjoying your surroundings - try it, you’ll like it.



This is your place to keep an eye on all that we have going on. We’d love to hear from you, better yet, ride with you. You can catch us at any of the events you see here on the calendar or can reach out to us directly if you’d rather start the conversation that way.


Ride a little

The Central Coast offers an unrivaled opportunity to explore roads that are what many people’s dreams are made of. One of life’s biggest tasks is to not take things for granted - this is your opportunity.


Our Partners