Vivid Cycling Hub


Team Gatherings
VIP Nights @ Art’s Cyclery, Social Events & More

As a team we get together often. We have partnered with some amazing brands both locally as well others that wish they were local. :) We’re lucky to have Art’s Cyclery operated as our “home base” on the Central Coast.

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Consistent Rides on the Central Coast
Weekly Training, Monthly “Race”

Riding bikes with people that you can learn from in a “check your ego at the door” vibe is the best thing that’s happened to your time in the saddle. We have fun with our “races” & randomly selection of winners for participating.

EPIC Rides
Training Camp, Multi-day Rides, SAG Rides

Being surrounded by people who support you by suffering with you to accomplish your goals is what we’re all about. Use the VCC as a platform for you to accomplish some of your “wildest” rides - we’re confident you’re not alone.