Cantua Creek Road Race

Cat 5

Cantua Creek would not have been the same if not for #HammerTime #HowIHammer to fuel me along the way. Also, it wouldn't have been the same had I decided to ride on a set of tires that actually fit my brake set. Unfortunately, though I felt great and energized on the day, I had a "mechanical" of sorts when my tires were collecting so much muck and mud that I literally had to stop, remove the wheel, swipe the gunk clean with my fingers, and move along. That happened twice. Suffice it to say, I waved goodbye to the main group and rode solo for at least the last eight miles of the race. It was sad for me. I learned my lesson. I will be better because of this. Aside from that, our team had a great day. Riding as a squad in the minivan to and from served to help us all bond, get to know each other a bit more, and share a meal together. Here's to more great experiences such as this in the years to come! Cheers.  -Mike Greenlee


Master 35+

Cantua Creek Road Race (35+ 4/5) was a fast and flat two lap ~50 mile road race with rolling hills in the last 2 miles of each lap.  The race was combined with the 45+ 4/5 so I was joined by John H!  It was a rainy day with wet and muddy roads but that was quickly forgotten once the race started.  After sitting in the pack for most of the first lap I started taking some pulls as the race started to speed up.  We slowly shrank our starting 15 people to 10.  At the 1k marker I decided to make my move and when I looked back there was no one to be seen and I cruised past the finish in 1st. - Travis McCarty

travis cantua.jpeg
Calvin Harris