UCLA Road Race

Cat 4

UCLA Road race (open Cat 4) was a 50 mile road race of 4 laps each with 1500 feet of climbing - my kind of race.  The race had 5-6 SDBC guys and one made an attack on the first climb.  I was in the following pack of 9 and 5 of them were with SDBC.  They had no interest pulling their guy back in so the pack did not work together and the attacking SDBC guy was never seen again.  I pulled up the entire climbs for the next 3 laps and wore out everyone with the goal of winning the uphill finish.  With 200 meters to go I attacked and won the sprint for 2nd by a few bike lengths.  In hindsight, I should have warmed up before this race and taken notice of the abundance of SDBC riders but it was a great day to ride on dry snow lined roads.   - Travis McCarty

Calvin Harris