San Dimas Stage Race

Cat 4/5

Stage 1 Recap - 4.5 Time trial up Glendora Mountain Road

This was the first time I've tapered for a road race.  I brought my trainer to warm up with but forgot to turn my GPS on after taking my bike off the trainer.  I didn't realize my headset wasn't logging time/miles until about 5 minutes in when I noticed my heart rate was already above 180.  When you don't know when the race is going to be over it makes it mentally difficult to keep going but I wanted to hit my power goal of averaging 315 watts for the race and was just over it at the end.  My effort was good enough for 3rd in 17:51.  16 seconds faster than last year and 15 more watts.  I couldn't be happier.

Stage 2 Recap - 35 Mile Road Race around a 7 Mile loop.  

The race leader from Day 1 had quite a few riders in the race and he was in incredible shape.  I did not see a way to break away from him but I did want to break the field up to weed out some of the sprinters from the finish sprint.  In lap 2, 3 and 4 I surged on two of the longer gradual hills and lead the race but no one who went with me would help push the pace and the field caught back up each time.  In the end the race leader and one other broke away near the finished while I was boxed in and I was in a group sprint just behind them.  I stood no chance with the sprinters at that point and let them battle it out and I finished in the pack.  At the end of the day I was still 3rd overall and happy with my effort.  Much better than my 2nd day last year where I got a flat in the first mile!

Stage 3 Recap - 40 minute Criterium

The criterium has one hill about 1/4 mile long at a 5% gradient.  My goal was to hit this hill hard (500ish watts) every time we went up it.  The race started with 72 people and people would be pulled if/when lapped.  At the halfway point of the race there was a car on the course and we had to slow down for a lap.  This gave everyone a rest - which is exactly what I didn't want.  We continued on and I would push the pace up the hill and with 5 laps to go I came around a turn before the hill and two people had laid out on the road.  I swerved around and hit the hill hard again and a 10 person break away was formed.  When we got back to the start/finish line and the race was halted with 4 laps to go for 40 minutes and all remaining people in the race were regrouped.  My strategy of wearing people down had worked and the race was down to 40ish riders at that point but the remaining 40 were all very rested by the time the race restarted.  I ended up in a large group at the finish and was 14th.  I held onto my overall 3rd in the GC.

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Calvin Harris