Team Camp - Bass Lake 2019

13 of us set out to kick off our club’s first team camp in June 2019. After a few back and forth conversations within the group we ultimately decided that Bass Lake was the most optimal location for the group - we couldn’t have been happier about the decision.


Day 1: 40+ miles and around 5,000 ft of elevation gain around Bass Lake area. Rides we coordinated and planned ahead to the best of our ability. Everyone arrived in the Bass Lake area around 2:00/2:30PM. We were joined by Tyler Pearce a.k.a. The Vegan Cyclist as he showed us around the place he calls “home” for our Friday ride which looped around Bass Lake, had a quick stop in Bandit Town and then ended with a 3,500 ft climb. The pace for all this ride and others were designed to be fairly casual and “conversational.” It’s rare that our group can carve out time on the bike that’s intended to be exploratory and free - that’s what this trip was all about.

Day 2: 60-90 miles and 5,000-8,500 ft of elevation gain around Yosemite. Tyler Pearce joined the group and gave us “things you must see” tour around Yosemite. We were all starstruck at the sites and the ability to see and experience the structures so intimately. There’s something special about experiencing epic views and surroundings on a bike.

Day 3: 25 miles and 1,700 ft of elevation gain around Bass Lake. Designed to be a slow-paced recovery ride the group enjoyed the views around Bass Lake one more time.


Lodging: We all stayed in an AirBnB with multiple rooms and beds. The house overlooked the lake and had it’s own private dock for the early morning jolt or post-ride dip!

Food: Chef Keith took care of the meal planning and preparation. He had plenty of sous-chefs available, but often chose to cook on his own (cause he’s awesome).

Nutrition: With the monetary support from Vivid Financial Management, the VCC provided ample nutrition for pre, during and post ride needs as well as snacks and treats throughout the weekend.

Cost: Priceless.

We look forward to additional adventures that can build camaraderie, stretch the mental and physical game and create powerful memories and experiences.

Calvin Harris