Team Gatherings

Life is made up of a series of memories why not enhance them with a community of like-minded people. From VIP nights at Art’s Cyclery, outdoor film nights to casual BBQs in the park or parking lot we’re going to seek out opportunities to build the camaraderie of the team.

Weekly Training

Our goal is to enhance your ride fitness by being a “strength improvement” club. Each ride aims to have a mix of “conversational pace” and “go at your own pace” on particular stretches of the route and various climbs.

Monthly “Practice Race”

We believe in competition and putting yourself to the test repeatedly. The mental and physical strains of racing can lead you to become a more dynamic person on and off the bike.

This ride is meant to practice racing skills in a safe manner and offer a racing experience for those interested due to the lack of official USAC races in the area.  We will practice racing skills such as pace lines, break away tactics, bike handling, and communication.  There are NO rest stops until the finish.  The segments which will award prizes to the fastest riders will be on safe stretches of road where car traffic and perceived risk is minimal.

EPIC Rides

We strive to rally the troops and head off to take on something that would be for more challenging to do on your own. These rides are typically fully supported by either Art’s Cyclery or another group we select. At times, we will also seek out videographers to capture the vibe of the ride.



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